Friday, January 30, 2009 COMING SOON . OFFICIAL LAUNCH MARCH 2009

Hey Guys! ;P
So as some might know, I'm apart of a great company called "FlashVelvet"
We specialize in photography, post-production and makeup and creating visions to reality and capturing that transformation
PHOTOGRAPHY.Light Design.Set design. Creative direction. Postproduction- FLASHVELVET
All Makeup by : Anna Carina of FLASHVELVET
To book, please contact me at
I've included some shots from our promo time period to give you all a better idea of our work.
Enjoy and look out for our official launch and details

Monday, January 26, 2009

First time blogg-er, full time blogg-y. Welcome to the world of AC

This is the birth of my very first post. or first BLOG post might i be clear
I aim to to entertain..

My name is Anna Carina.
Makeup Artist ( i like to say "arTISTE," it sounds more sassy doesn't it? )
TORONTO Based. but world friendly
More about me later..
Lets get right to businesss---
Sunday i did the makeup for a line to launch its spring/summer in March '09.
(Created by the Dynamic Duo Jennifer LE and Peghah MALEK)
Remember you read it here first...because this line will definantly create a buzz once its made public.

As you can see, Ive included some shots from the sneak peak look book..So enjoy and feel free to drop some feedback.
I was quite excited to do the makeup, they were inspired from a past Dior show..
A look consisting of Thick brows, Stained lips, and HUGE eyes...and lots of lashes.
My mouth waters at any oppurtunity to create something outside of the box, something people question.. Is it art or is it beauty? Because we all know ART can be taken so differently according to whos viewing it.
An abstract painting is no different than abstract Makeup.
Some how, i get my fix from doing gigs such as these.
The hair and makeup was to be all very dark ..allowing the clothes to be showcased but also by usuing such dark tones all over the face to still highlight the same amount of drama there too.
The hair was samurai-esque and i left the shoot yearning for my very own 26 inch ponytail..

and the clothes. Need not express the fabulosity...Just stay tuned for updated
I will keep the public updated for this line will definantly spread like wild fire...
Credits should be given of course---
MAKEUP: Anna Carina
HAIR: She'nae Lee
MODELS: Taryn H and Krysten Leigh
Coming to a store near you
So Kudos to the power team and kudos for all of us to be up so early on a sunday
I think Sunday universally is Sleep in day..
Not us. We created magic.
Anna Carina...To be continued